Kayaker Saves A Deer From Drowning In Italy

The web is surrounded by a beautiful video of kayakers from Italy, when they came across a deer in trouble while descending a raging river.

The unlucky animal ended in the water, and could not reach the land. That’s why kayakers came to its aid and filmed the whole rescue on camera.

The scene was filmed on the Candigliano River near San Marino in Italy, and the video has already impressed the world public. Kayaker Fabrizio Capizzo was the first to spot a deer, before he cautiously tackled the rescue.

He kayaked slowly down the river, and in front of his eyes he had a helpless deer all the time, struggling with the raging river to the best of his ability.

Watch a video from Italy in which good kayakers rescued a deer that found itself in a river. Well done guys for such a wonderful intervention and care for the animal!

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